Drunk teen girl didn't want sex but got fucked hard instead

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Description: Poor drunk helpless teen girl needed someone to take care of her after a night of binge drinking; It had to be somebody she trusted, so she relied on her best friend to take her home and look after her. But she didn’t know what was about to happen instead… She had no idea her best friend had always been secretly and madly in love with her, and that he was dying to penetrate her, balls-deep, until she begged for mercy -he respected and cherished her so much, but inside his dirty mind he had always fantasised about drilling her tight, shaved pussy with his meaty rod and filling her vagina like a thanks-giving turkey with his warm milk, until her eyes rolled-back. So he took advantage of the situation and decided to give in to his lust… In the beginning she didn’t want to have sex, but she ended up enjoying getting fucked real hard by a big, thick cock, doggy-style, which she could barely handle. She got so horny about the situation that she didn’t even care her friend was fucking her without a condom - she just wanted to feel him for real inside of her. In the end, they could no longer be “just friends” - once she felt the warmth of her best friend’s hard, moist, pulsating dick inside her entrails, she could only ever think of him as a master of dirty, mouth-watering, pussy-dripping, shameful pleasure… with whom she would repeat the experience over and over. She was happy: After all, she had just discovered she was a real cock-craving slut. And she loved it!
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